Tee hee

CITY OF LONDON police are investigating the alleged serious embezzlement of funds at a Gordon Brown-backed think tank set up to improve bankers’ behaviour.

The International Centre for Financial Regulation, which has taken millions from the taxpayer, suspended a member of its management after discovering money had gone missing. Late on Friday it told backers it would shut unless it could recover the cash.

It\’s not actually much to do with G. Brown any more but it is funny, isn\’t it?

You know, organisation to improve bankers\’ etiquette gets defrauded?

7 thoughts on “Tee hee”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Isn’t the rule Tory scandals are all about sex, Labour ones are all about money?

    How else could it have ended?

  2. What happened to Gordon Brown’s money laundering think-tank that Guido kept going on about?

    Can’t remember what it was called, but wasn’t the allegation that it was paid large amounts of Treasury cash for doing not very much, and in return paid for his political battles?

    Quietly wound up once Broon left office, I suppose.

  3. @3

    is still in existence. Run by a former special political advisor to John Prescott, which sets the mind to boggling. Reading between the lines, I think they may have lost their charitable status as they’re now self-described as a not-for-profit organisation.

  4. FlatEric, yes, it’s superb. And so soon after his previous apology as well.

    This one was first posted a few days ago but seems to be stuck to the top of his blog; presumably part of the deal.

    Doffocult to know how he can be taken seriously after this, but I thought the same about Murphy after Tim revealed that he had been using tax-dodge companies.

  5. Did he really allege ‘kickbacks’ in the original bag ‘o bollocks post? Clown.

    The refreshing cold breeze of litigation has been blowing through the Leftiesphere recently, inching them back towards reality.

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