Timmy elsewhere: and The Guardian\’s been rather sporting about this

A piece at CiF.

OK, so they took off the last para in which I laughed at certain people (fairly enough really). But that steel plant closure in France. It\’s all the fault of the hippies.

Which it indeed is.

18 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere: and The Guardian\’s been rather sporting about this”

  1. Seems to have been pretty well received. The usual fools who completely miss the point of the article have been promptly corrected.

  2. “The mentally of this article sums up the guilt ridden mentality of the boomer generation, who’ve been quite happy to consume/holiday like crazy but now lecture the younger generations on how to live (not as well as them). It’s time to start fighting them and fighting for our children’s futures.”

    You gorra laugh.

  3. Dearieme “you gorra laugh”?

    We’re coming for you, you complacent Amplefordian rentier baby boomer resource sucking overpaid undercompeted reactionary nimby Midsommer Murder watching National Trust member Telegraph reading port drinking UKIP voting probably antique road show/cash in the attic watching (a UK TV programme for the remittance men) cardigan wearing etc etc .. O yes, I forgot, rugby following beige and drab wearing…

    Exactly what we are going to do with you I haven’t exactly worked out.

    On a vaguely serious note, the Graun published something that didn’t entirely agree with its world view. Give them some credit, rather than indulge in the kind of knee jerk reaction in which I have just lapsed.

  4. The Groan runs loads of stuff that doesn’t agree with its world view on CiF – it’s no more averse to a bit of comment bait than any other paper.

    That said, a nice humorous touch there, Tim. All we need now is for CiF to run one of Dillow’s more oblique pieces, sit back and watch heads implode.

  5. Tim,

    Damn those lib’ruls!

    You spend years trashing their columnists – then they let you post on their website!

    You take care, old friend.



  6. A few more comments at the time of reading. I like Chacal’s comments. He bemoans that furnaces are going to China where environmental standards are worse implying that the world will be destroyed by such action. He just sees one eco view point, ecofriendly. But not the other eco view point, economics.

  7. Is it better environmentally to ship ore and fuel to France to then ship the steel to China? Will the French workers make it for a price such as to make it attractive to China?

    Or is it higher cost to make and China won’t put its own workers out of a job simply to keep French workers in a job and pay through the nose too?

  8. ….He bemoans that furnaces are going to China where environmental standards are worse implying that the world will be destroyed by such action…..

    He’s a clever chap. I wish everyone could see that excessive environmental regulation has a net negative effect on the world.

  9. It was not the T101 that fell into the arc furnace, but the T1000. The T101 did, however, lower itself into the furnace in order to destroy the Cyberdyne chip in its head.

    Accuracy in matters such as these is critically important to maintaining the clarity of the cultural conversation.

  10. Some of the comments were accurate – Nucor invented/perfected a process, made it commercial.

    It now replaces blast furnaces.

    Fuck all to do with hippies really?

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