What\’s the Greek for Pecunia Non Olet?

Greeks wary of brothel owners bearing gifts after school donation

Parents protest after needy school in port of Patras is forced to return madam\’s €3,000 cheque

4 thoughts on “What\’s the Greek for Pecunia Non Olet?”

  1. So Much for Subtlety

    Surely the real question is what is the Greek for Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes?

    As the other real question is were they touting for new clients or for new workers? The latter I expect.

    Unless, of course, they were suddenly over come by an unexpected fit of social corporate responsibility.

  2. At the Patras primary school, teachers and parents are fuming. With the donation returned to its sender, the school remains without books or a photocopier to get children through the term. “It would have been much cleverer had the school simply taken the donation and not said who it was from,” said Massaras. “This way everyone has been left with nothing. It’s tragic.”

    And that’s the dipshit part of it. If she’d given the money with demands of PR, you could understand the school being uncomfortable about it, but as it is, she just handed over a cheque.

    SMFS: If anything, donating to a school to get more workers isn’t a great idea. They’ll be better educated and as a result, less likely to go on the game (yes, it’s a choice for some, but not for many). Clients makes more sense and schools offer you nothing but blokes in their late 30s/early 40s, not going to break up the family home, and not getting blowjobs any longer.

  3. I believe the madam when she says she was doing it without ulterior motive.
    If she’s got some publicity out of it, well good for her. Now she can give the school some cash under the table in the usual way.

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