And the National Trust can kiss my hairy, freckled, English arse

The National Trust has joined the ranks of groups concerned by the Government’s support for fracking,

They\’re not a different group.

Peter Nixon, director of conservation at the National Trust, said: “We have a presumption against fracking because of the threats it poses to the countryside and because at the end of the day it is a fossil fuel that will do nothing to arrest climate change.”

They\’re the same middle class tosspots that make up the Greens, Greenpeace, FoE, WWF and all the rest.

Life just wouldn\’t be worth living without knowing that the peasantry are huddled against the cold in the dark hovels they cannot afford to heat or light now, would it?

12 thoughts on “And the National Trust can kiss my hairy, freckled, English arse”

  1. Started writing a long rant, but life’s too short.

    Spot on, Tim.

    Bunch of bad ‘economists’ inventing ways to oppress other people whilst maintaining their woolly champagne socialist life-styles.

    For full disclosure, I admit to being a champagne capitalist, but the difference is I want to free, enable and empower people not oppress them.

  2. Well, like Bilbaoboy, I see little point in a long rant when I can simply say that I agree with every word.

    However, I will add a point I made a while back at CCinZ; if the “who runs the country?” question back in the 70s was about the unions, the same question now is about the Pressure Groups; and it seems to me that, at the very least, we need a Thatcher equivalent to give them the same kind of total thrashing.

  3. @Ian

    Yes, it seems like a sort of parallel ‘committee’ to the government, which we nominally elect.

    The sort of feeling that is growing amongst certain of us is that it is an endogamic system.

    Money is collected, the government pays out to ‘these people’, they lobby back to get their agenda through.

    But whose agenda is it and what is the real relationship?

    People seem to go back and forwards, recirculate, screw up (some bloggy type trips them up) and then resurface is some other guise.

    Where is the interface between governemnt and lobby these days?

    And all to apply my father’s mushroom method of people management (keep them in the dark and pee on them from above).

  4. That’s a rubbish way of farming mushrooms: they don’t like ammonia, but do like being covered in shit.

    On the original point: while nobody’ll be surprised to hear I agree with the NT’s position on AGW, I’m not convinced it’s any of their business. Their job is to preserve old houses, few of which would be at any risk of falling into the sea even if we were to have catastrophic climate change.

    And most of their members are elderly and retired – if their position were based on a plebiscite that would be fair enough, but I’d be bloody surprised if this was the result of one.

  5. John b

    Checked with my father. His version was shit on them from a great height. Mind you, he knows bugger all about mushrooms, but quite a bit more about bad management.

    Pee ? it’s my fastidious faux-middle-class nature coming through.

  6. Worth referencing IanB’s description of the class of “managers of society” on a recent thread. Like bilbaoboy says, you get the same people being endlessly recycled through charities, NGOs, politics, media…. It’s an enormous, self perpetuating, cabal largely answerable to nobody but itself & mostly dedicated to promoting its own interests. It makes a decadent aristocracy look almost benign in comparison.

  7. The NT has a “presumption” against fracking. Anyone on here care to explain the difference, as used, between “presumption” and “prejudice”?

  8. BIS:
    “… you get the same people being endlessly recycled through charities, NGOs, politics, media….”

    Spot on. And they are all management/ admin/ policy oriented, because they have no technical background in whatever their latest sinecure is. But now, many of our charities are becoming infested with over-paid execs who seem more interested in re-targeting the mission in some politically inspired direction.
    It seems to me we need someone to start throttling these third sector parasites.

  9. you wonder why the National Trust has views on foxhunting, renewable energy and all sorts of stuff. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a National Trust tenant? Not allowed to connect to the mains for electricity (it all has to be renewable). Not allowed mains drainage. Not allowed to kill foxes. So that they can project a fake image of Britain stalled in 1935.

  10. The cute thing of course is that as is often the case with a ruling class, they have their own language dialect in order to easily identify other members and express one’s joining-in-ness.

    “Proactively promoting our core values in a partnership paradigm through outcomes focussed cleansing solutions for the social enterprise sector”

    rather than

    “We sell toilet paper to hospitals”.

  11. These people keep misjudging the situation.

    I’m sure the director of conservation earns an enormous amount of money and feels totally secure in his feudal organisation.

    So what if energy costs rise £400-£500 a year? Peanuts. He can easily afford it.

    But when the energy runs out and the lights go out and the TV goes out and the PC goes out and the Wii goes out, what does he really think the common weal will do?

    They ain’t gonna be reading the Great Works by candlelight and rich mongs in Hampstead with their own private generators better watch out.

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