Englishwoman appears to be fertile

Cont. pg 2, 3, 4, 5 to 94.

11 thoughts on “Englishwoman appears to be fertile”

  1. Apparently according to the Telegraph this is going to “stimulate the economy”.

    Which seems to me to be clutching at straws. In Kate’s case, literally.

  2. Amused by the media hype. Its a pregnancy. Not a birth.
    Sure, congratz to the happy couple by all means – no one would begrudge them that.

    Stimulate the economy? I can’t produce cups stating ‘Kate’s up the duff’ and flog them, though once the baby is born there will be no end of cups with the celebration of the birth. That may have a small effect on the economy. Me flogging cups (and plates etc, whatever my supplier can do).

    A pregnancy it is. Not a birth. Unfortunately (or fortunately however you want to view it) not all pregnancies lead to birth.

  3. Does Durex have a royal warrant? Then again, if he’s not willing to wear a wedding ring, he’ll not be willing to wear a…

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