Fire this cow now. Immediately

The Culture Secretary’s special adviser said she wanted to “flag up” the Cabinet minister’s connection to press regulation after reporters established that Mrs Miller’s parents lived in her taxpayer-funded second home.

Nope, doesn\’t matter whether she knew or not. Fire her immediately.

In fact, for preference, Ms. Miller should be jailed.

An appalling and gross misuse of State power.

\”Nice family you\’ve got here. Be a shame if anything happened, wouldn\’t it? You know, like a firebomb coming through the bedroom window? Be better if you paid up for some protection against such a terrible event, wouldn\’t it?\”

We rightly and righteously jail the cunts who run such protection rackets.

Goodbye Ms. Miller, your time is up.

11 thoughts on “Fire this cow now. Immediately”

  1. When I read it in the early hours of this morning, I couln’t understand it, in the literal sense that I read the words, but they had no meaning.

    When I began to understand, I fleetingly thought I was still asleep.

    When I realised I wasn’t, my reaction was disbelief. What would people say when a Cabinet minister used methods more often associated with the Cosa Nostra?

    We await developments, but I suspect that the Gallic shrug, courtesy of the EU jeux sans frontieres, has embedded itself in British (for want of a better word) culture.

  2. “Maria has obviously been having quite a lot of editors’ meetings around Leveson at the moment. So I am just going to kind of flag up that connection for you to think about,” said Miss Hindley.

    Miss Hindley also said the reporter should discuss the issue with “people a little higher up your organisation”.

    Wow. Just… wow.

  3. My impression is that this sort of thing has always gone on, but more subtly. So Ms Miller’s senior aid would phone the newspaper editor (they were probably at Eton together), have a chat about the Leveson report and how keen she was to be helpful, much more so than her likely replacement should she leave office. Then change the subject to the newspaper’s investigation into her expenses and ask for some restraint.

    Perhaps I take Yes Minister too seriously.

  4. No, PaulB; it’s impossible not to take ‘Yes Minister’ too seriously! In the recent past, these affairs were always handled as you describe, but nowadays some wretched blogger will spill the beans. Sir Humphrey would be horrified!

  5. I don’t think you can criticise Miller too much for threatening to abuse her power. After all, that’s what we (apparently) elect politicians to do.

    You can, though, take this as an excellent demonstration of why we should not give politicians powers over the press. Or anyone else.

  6. And yet, people are campaigning to bring the newspapers under state control. And Levesdon is now opening up another front on bloggers.

    Better get you blogging licence application in, Tim.

  7. “I having been in government have every reason for believing that the government routinely abuses the powers it has. It’s not a matter of the last resort, it’s the first resort. It isn’t something that happens exceptionally, it happens all the time.”

    The quote is from Michael Portillo.

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