Has the Mayan Apocalypse ended the world?

Assuming that you can read this, no, not yet.

8 thoughts on “Has the Mayan Apocalypse ended the world?”

  1. I thought it was 21st December (although that’s reports from Russia, so possibly a Julian/Gregorian calendar thing?).

  2. I was worried about this apocalypse thing, that it would reduce Christmas sales. So far not noticeable, still had to take stock off being for sale to keep orders manageable.

  3. Actually, the Mayan apocalypse happened right on schedule. I put everything back as it was, though, because I wanted to watch the football this afternoon. Well, not quite as it was, which is why Arsenal won.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    Perhaps the Mayan apocalypse has ended the world. It is just that we are all stuck in the blogsphere as a reward/punishment for our deeds?

  5. If the end of the world was announced would definately happen on 21st, I’d still be doing the same things.
    Though my bosses might sack me, seeing as I’m working on May 2013 stuff at the moment.

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