High income barrister admires even higher income solicitor

Ed Miliband has revealed his wife is a big admirer of Miriam Clegg

11 thoughts on “High income barrister admires even higher income solicitor”

  1. *In a personal interview with Grazia magazine, Mr Milband revealed that his wife is also highly career-minded and considers him the third most important thing in her life, after their children and her job as an environmental lawyer.*

    I take it they don’t have a dog then?…..

  2. Mrs Clegg is fairly famous for writing an apology for China’s genocide in Tibet in a hagiography of China’s leadership. Lots to admire there then.

  3. Tim N, in practice an environmental lawyer is someone who defends oil companies, waste management companies and other such worthy citizens accused of polluting/potentially polluting. That’s where the repeat business is, whatever they may have wanted to do when they set out.

    So at least she’s your rent-seeking parasite.

  4. Tim, maybe you don’t do enough polluting ?

    My point is that if you specialise in that area, it’s easier to make a living acting for the actual or alleged polluters. A waste disposal company would be a dream client – getting planning permission, dealing with actual or alleged spillages etc. A pressure group wouldn’t be so good (and tight on fees).

    (It’s not my area, but among lawyers, in-house oil company lawyers are seen as (a) v. well paid, and (b) dealing with a lot themselves, rather than using external lawyers. They may be dealing with what I would call “environmental” issues for you, without calling themselves environmental lawyers.)

  5. In my experience, within oil companies, the specialist engineers or scientists provide the facts, and the lawyers argue the law. I knew a lot of the environmental scientists/marine biologists, etc. on Sakhalin when we were coming under enormous pressure from the Russian government for alleged environmental breaches. They were expected to supply the reports, and whilst I admit I didn’t know the lawyers personally, I am am not convinced they specialized in environmental law. That is usually dependent on the country and region in question, and is usually left to the technical people.

    I suspect environmental lawyers like Miliband’s wife have been nowhere near a commercial venture and instead run an open shop for anyone wanting to sue commercial ventures in lawsuits underwritten by the taxpayer, or pro bono in the hope that said commercial venture will be paying out and a hefty portion will find its way into the lawyer’s pockets.

  6. So Much for Subtlety

    KJ – “I take it they don’t have a dog then?…..”

    How is it we have ended up with three such whiny b!tches running the country? Does anyone doubt that Mrs Cameron, Mrs Clegg and Mrs Miliband are more or less in agreement about this? Well perhaps not Mrs Cameron quite so much.

    Can anyone imagine Mrs Churchill saying this? Or Mrs Lloyd George?

    There’s the decline of this country in a nut shell. Cheating on your wife is an inherently bad thing, but by God we did better when people like Palmerston were credibly accused of rape than we do with these semi-castrated non-entities now. I am coming around to Snr. Berlusconi.

  7. Well, let’s have a look here shall we?

    “Clients include regulators and policy makers (Defra, the Environment Agency, Welsh Assembly Government, the Marine Management Organisation, the Department for Transport; the Department for Communities and Local Government), companies (EDF Energy; Veolia and United Utilities), local authorities, action groups and individuals.”

    Hardly a list to dispel fears that she’s dependent on the taxpayer for much of her income, is it?

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