Is being recommended by Eoin libel now?

If so, which on this list will sue?

16 thoughts on “Is being recommended by Eoin libel now?”

  1. If that’s his reading list, no wonder he’s so often surprised to find out he’s wrong. There’s nothing there that would challenge a leapt-to conclusion. Classic echo chamber effect.

  2. I just like the way the ad at the bottom of his blog has just recommended me to Santander Private Banking in Jersey.

    Ethics? Or money from Google? The endless struggle of the dissident lefty blogger.

  3. “Richard Murphy’s pioneering work for tax justice at Tax Research UK continues to inspire and astound me. His blog is probably the one I am most looking forward to reading in 2013. ”

    It amazes just about everyone who reads it…but not in inspirational ways.

  4. Well, I certainly think Mr Murphy deserves an award. Is there one for “the most words written about economics by the person who knows least about economics”? Something like that?

  5. What an excellent idea, SE. Fortunately if he ever manages to get something enacted we already have “Murphy’s Law”.

  6. Amusingly Dr Clarke has warned Greg Hands “to be more careful before casting aspersions”.

    I suppose for once he knows what he’s talking about.

    (although Hands might actually be correct; he claimed that Gordon Brown only appeared once in the Commons Chamber in 2012; Dr Clarke tries to disprove that citing Brown’s voting record, but I think it’s possible, indeed common, to vote without having been in the Chamber)

  7. Richard

    The division bell used to ring in the pubs around Parliament as well as throughout the Palace of Westminster. So I was told back in the 80’s by an MP I was drinking with in one of those pubs (maybe it was a joke they always tell the outsiders, but that’s what he said). Apparently they would jump up, run to find a whip to tell them which lobby to go through, and come back to their beer.

  8. “If I was including non-lefties you would have been top of the list.”

    That’s about as literate as the paragraph he has put under his list. Has no one ever told him how the subjubctive works? How sadly the grammar schools are missed.

  9. You’re all being most unfair. Eieieion’s many and grovelling apologies have provided some of the blogging world’s greatest delights in 2012. I look forward to more in 2013.

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