Is the Washington Times still going then?

As Adam Smith Institute senior fellow Tim Worstall points out, there are no loopholes. The EU tax system was designed so that a company had to have a presence in one EU country if it wanted to sell to all EU members. Tax competition acts as a check on a government’s tendency to overspend, because jurisdictions are penalized if they raise taxes too much to pay for overly lavish expenditures.

Quoted in an editorial no less.

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  1. Well that’s the WT off Richie’s Christmas card list.

    Having said that I suppose it never was given its politics according to Wiki:

    The political views of The Washington Times are often described as conservative.[47][48][49] The Washington Post reported: “the Times was established by Moon to combat communism and be a conservative alternative to what he perceived as the liberal bias of The Washington Post.”[5]”

  2. It used to be quite left-leaning.. not so much now.. in part, thanks to the aforemention Washington Tmes it seems..

    In 1992, the PBS investigative news program Frontline suggested that The Post had moved to the right in response to its smaller, more conservative rival The Washington Times, which is owned by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate owned by the Unification Church which also owns newspapers in South Korea, Japan, and South America. The program quoted Paul Weyrich, one of the founders of the conservative activist organization the Moral Majority, as saying “The Washington Post became very arrogant and they just decided that they would determine what was news and what wasn’t news and they wouldn’t cover a lot of things that went on. And The Washington Times has forced The Post to cover a lot of things that they wouldn’t cover if the Times wasn’t in existence.”[41] In 2008, Thomas F. Roeser of the Chicago Daily Observer also mentioned competition from the Washington Times as a factor moving The Post to the right.[42

  3. Tim, could you help me out here. I have been telling those around me who are complaining about google, amazon, starbucks et al that this is how the system is meant to work. When I go to look for evidence all I can find is PDFs about a proposed Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base. Can you, or any of your readers, point me to a website that I can use as evidence, please?

  4. Paul Coombes (#6), try this:

    The e-commerce directive:

    “The proper functioning of the Internal Market in electronic commerce is ensured by the Internal Market clause, which means that information society services are, in principle, subject to the law of the Member State in which the service provider is established. In turn, the Member State in which the information society service is received cannot restrict incoming services.”

    So the principle is company based in one country, obeying that country’s laws, selling across the whole EU and the other countries’ governments have to leave it alone.

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