Letters to Ian Fletcher

He really is a toad and deserves both of these.

Query: if the CPA benefits when non-CPAers invest in the CPA, why do you think that America suffers when non-Americans invest in America? That is, can you explain why the productivity of you and your colleagues at the CPA will rise if I make a net investment in the CPA while the productivity of you, me, and other American workers will fall if someone from Toronto or Tokyo or Timbuktu makes a net investment in America?

There is one good thing we can say about it. If Fletcher has to run an email round robin to try and raise $50k then there\’s a lot fewer fools funding him than I had thought there were. I had thought that his lot were the type to spend that on the mineral water bill.

5 thoughts on “Letters to Ian Fletcher”

  1. You coulda helped us by a preliminary remark explaining “CPA”. Criminal Practitioners of America? Chartered Pillocks Association? Caribbean and Pacific Agency?

  2. To be fair, dearieme, expanding the acronym doesn’t actually help. It’s one of those meaningless feelgood terms. Coalition of Protectionist Arseholes is a much more useful name.

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