Oliver James gets down and jammin\’ wiv da youf

The Who\’s Pete Townshend famously sang \”Hope I die before I get old\”.

If your knowledge of youth culture is that fucking bad that you ascribe the line to Townshend then perhaps you really shouldn\’t use da youf culchur as your opening line of a tedious essay.

Townshend wrote it, Daltry sneered it.

19 thoughts on “Oliver James gets down and jammin\’ wiv da youf”

  1. Not sure quoting a (admittedly great) song from the 1960s constitutes getting down wiv da yoof! More having a cup of cocoa with fifty-somthings reminiscing about the good old days if you ask me!

  2. I hope I’m old before I die. Dats how to get down wiv da yoof, innit?

    As an almost-fortysomething I agree Mr Cooke has committed an out-by-one error in his decade.

  3. “We rebelled in old school yards
    Now I do ads for c-c-c-c-credit cards
    Talking ’bout humiliation…”

    One of Spitting Image’s finest.

  4. @Ben6

    “Jim Morrison sang of The End being his only friend”

    Man when I was a kid I used to think Bon Jovi was singing about “living on a prairie”, you live and you learn

  5. Why the fuck would anyone want to get down wiv da yoof in the first place? One of the few joys of advanced middle age is being in the position to be able to ignore the little bastards.

  6. My Generation
    Won’t Get Fooled Again
    Anarchy in the UK

    Pete did himself proud in writing two of the three greatest rock songs ever written.

  7. I also like Neil Diamond and (early) Duran Duran. Sheep and lambs, old boy, sheep and lambs. We all have our guilty pleasures.

    Actually I think Duran Duran’s eponymous first album is one of the most accomplished examples of new romantic techno-synth (if that’s the phrase I’m looking for) around, and Rio is still a corker. On the other hand, they sold out somewhere between ’86 and ’88 and have made almost nothing of value since then.

    While we’re on the subject, I defy you to listen to Abba’s “Eagle” without being moved by its luscious langour.

    But if we’re all going to pretend to be the genuine greasy-haired rock prog-rock schtick, my money is on Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

    Still, I’m comfortable with my choices, ahem…

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