People just don\’t move over tax, Ritchie tells us so

There\’s no Laffer Curve because you know, the rich and the high income peeps will just sit there and wait to be plucked. As Richard Murphy keeps telling us they will:

The 63-year-old star has bought an unglamorous-looking former customs official\’s house in the village of Nechin, a stone\’s throw from the nearest French town of Roubaix.

The corpulent screen icon is the latest rich Frenchman to flee the country ahead of a new tax of 75 per cent on all earnings over one million euros – around 850,000 pounds. Belgium\’s top rate is 50 per cent.

Around a third of the 2,800-strong population of Nechin was already French, the village mayor Daniel Senesael said.

He added: \”He has moved in already and he is very welcome here.

\”He enjoys our countryside and our easygoing, rural way of life. And of course he also enjoys our lower taxes.\”

No, no, don\’t pay any attention at all to the real world. The Murphmeister has spoken and that\’s what matters.

11 thoughts on “People just don\’t move over tax, Ritchie tells us so”

  1. Will be interesting to see whether Depardieu’s career or income suffers as a result of this high profile tax avoidance.

    I assume if the likes of UKUncut are right and that there is a general dislike of tax avoidance then no one will be paying Depardieu millions to star in their film or to advertise their products.

  2. Surely the Greens are a prime Laffer curve example?

    I’d presume that all other things being equal they would want to spend more time together (but appreciate that other people, different lives) but that, given the situation, she’s happy enough in Monaco?

    Of course, she could have just had a bad experience with UKBA at some point – they’re common enough …

  3. I’m just waiting for Bono to break cover over tax avoidance, it can’t be long before he’s up there with Hodge etc. decrying avoidance while having the sharpest tax avoidance machine chugging along looking after his millions.

  4. Shinsei – just like no one buys Rolling Stones tickets, cds, t-shirts etc despite Keith’s very publically displayed stance that he only pays the tax he cannot avoid

  5. It’s not the tax, it’s the semiology of the move which fascinates me.
    Gege owns several chateaux and moves to a tram shed in nowheres-ville, a hideous building worth at a guess about €250K slap on the main village road.

    So clearly it’s a “statement” house but what statement is it making? And to whom? The oil cowboys he’s fallen out with? Les flics, who pull him over too often? The tax man? The central Asian dictators he hangs out with?

  6. The very purpose of France, is to run the socialist experiments that the rest of us would rather avoid.

    I am glad the results are as predicted

  7. Nozick claimed that anti capitalism among intellectuals most likely came from their wish that the world was more like school, where people like them where highly appreciated. And he suggested that the more meritocratic the school system was, the more likely its intellectuals were placed on the left. For the proof of which he suggested we considered France.

  8. So Much for Subtlety

    It turns out that James Blunt looks like he is going to move to Switzerland. For the food and scenery of course.

    So higher taxes aren’t all bad.

    I think the Fat One with the Big Nose is not really planning on living in a tram shed in Belgium. I suspect he will continue to live in France, but falsely claim residence of Belgium for tax purposes. Will he be able to do it? A few lunches with the right Tax Commissioner ought to be put him right.

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