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Actually useful this time:

Pubic hair has a job to do – stop shaving and leave it alone

I must say that the list of comments arguing that it\’s all a matter of personal choice and to hell with any health implications is nice though. Wish T\’G\’s readers were like that over smoking and drinking….

Given that there are indeed health implications of shaving (and increase in MRSA for example, so the Good Lady Doctor tells us) why aren\’t those same commenters calling for shaving to be banned because it costs the NHS money?

21 thoughts on “Public health in The Guardian”

  1. Seems like Emily Gibson should go out & consult some experts in the field of pubic hair. Small ads section of the local paper would be a good source.

  2. Got to say, I agree. Can’t stand this baldness trend. Damned Baywatch has a lot to answer for. But there’s probably no going back now. The west’s socially dominant culture, those damned Yankees, have generally adopted it now as “good grooming”; that is, a young woman who doesn’t trim is considered slovenly, like unshaven armpits. So, it’s here to stay now. Sadly.

    Of course, the Yanks have a general horror of body hair, even on men. Hence Bill Shatner’s famous shaved chest for his shirtless Gorn-wrestling.

  3. Well, judging by her mugshot I’m pretty sure the author isn’t too affected by the pussy-trimming preferences of the male population at large. But I get the impression from the article that she wishes she was.

  4. Oh, and unless Russian hospitals are overloaded with women younger than 40 seeking treatment for their over enthusiastic use of the Bic razor, then the health concerns are bullshit.

  5. Frederick: “They should also ban smoking in pubic places.”

    That would put a lot of risqué entertainers in the seedier areas of major cities out of business.

    So I’m told…

  6. Yes Paul & if pussy shavers were contemplating surgery after depilation, no doubt that would be sound advice. But, as TimN has pointed out at 5 & again at 6, maybe in a context not unlike mine at 2, there may be a balancing of risks here.

  7. They should ban it and appoint a chief inspector. I’m not looking for a job at the moment, but I am eminently qualified for the position, should they need someone.

    Imagine the bribes you’d get from the freshly-shaven not to issue the prescribed punishment.

  8. Oh Gawd. When I said I while back that the prodnose brigade wouldn’t be happy until they could have a tiny peep into everyones knickers, I was kidding…..

  9. as a matter of interest – what is hair – any hair – anywhere – supposed to do?
    a profusion of it seems to be associated with hazardous behavour of all kinds.

  10. Pheromones are associated with secondary body hair. Wash the sexy smells away, shave off the hairs they’d attach to, then spray on an expensive substitute! Applause, marketers everywhere!

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