Quite delightful from the New York Times

Gosh, isn\’t it just terrible that there\’s politics involved in making the law?

In an age when data is often available with a few keystrokes, the A.T.F. is forced to follow this manual routine because the idea of establishing a central database of gun transactions has been rejected by lawmakers in Congress, who have sided with the National Rifle Association, which argues that such a database poses a threat to the Second Amendment.

The state is limited in what it can do by the law. Isn\’t that just awful?

Law enforcement officials say that in theory, the A.T.F. could take a lead role in setting a national agenda for reducing gun crime, a goal that has gained renewed urgency with the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. But it is hampered, they say, by politically driven laws that make its job harder and by the ferocity of the debate over gun regulation.

You mean not everyone agrees, that this is a political issue? And thus the power of that state is being limited? For shame!

Do note that this is a news report. Just a tad of bias there, eh?

1 thought on “Quite delightful from the New York Times”

  1. Reminds me of all the Reuters reports of the Japanese election I skimmed over which whined about the LDP’s pro-nuclear power policy in the face of their overwhelming landslide earlier this month.

    You backed the wrong horse in ’09, guys. Deal with it.

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