Ritchie on politics and democracy

What’s astonishing is their ability to win support in a democracy. That can only be explained by the corporate capture of the democratic process.

You see, it\’s impossible for anyone to vote against what Murph thinks they ought to vote for without there being such capture.

That people might simply disagree with him isn\’t possible.

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  1. Classic Leftism. Assign evil motive to genuine difference of opinion. It is not enough merely to argue with someone. In fact, given the distortion of reality which much of Progressivism requires, arguing may actually be impossible.

    Thus the demonisation – if you can portray your opponent as evil, refuting arguments is no longer required.

  2. From the quote: “That can only be explained by the corporate capture of the democratic process.”

    No taxation without representation.

    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    Assuming the capture to be true, one way it could be reduced would be to have corporation tax recognise who actually pays it (customers, employees, shareholders) and as a consequence who should call the tunes (the public) by abolishing it.

  3. He may in fact be right, although he would not like to think through the consequences of that.
    He appears to be writing from an almost Marxist perspective here – false consiousness generated by the Capitalist class engaging the reality distortion field to encourage the proletariat to act against their own best interests.
    That may or may not be true. Let’s say it is. What’s the antidote? Wel, that very same school of thought already provides its answer: the State is a Capitalist construct that perpetuates the reality distortion field. The State is thus the enemy of the proletariat and must be resisited at each and every turn.
    It therefore follows that those who advance the interests and power of the State are themselves part of the Capitalist construct and an enemy of the people.

  4. Gary’s right. It’s classic false consciousness.

    1. We’re right. (Of course).
    2. We’ve explained why we’re right.
    3. The public don’t agree. (Which is obviously impossible)
    4. We’re not allowed to say that the public are stupid (though we do in private)…THEREFORE
    5. Someone or something must be stopping them from agreeing with us.

    It’s similar to the ‘sabotage’ excuse in Communist countries to explain away economic or technical failure.

    Shorthand is, “It can’t be that we’re wrong.”

  5. “We’re not allowed to say that the public are stupid (though we do in private)…THEREFORE”

    I do love this thing about the left being intelligent, obviously if you look back through history they’ve been right about pretty much everything. I just can’t understand why people would disagree

  6. Why do you think the left (e.g. Labour, The Guardian /BBC) are so rabidly anti-Murdoch?

    For precisely the reasons above – his Business’s output is “corrupting” the minds of the people….

    They just can’t get their heads around that he’s more likely to be reflecting their mindsets…

  7. “That can only be explained by the corporate capture of the democratic process.”

    Had Ritchie been born in earlier times he’d be blaming kulaks, wreckers, rich peasants, right-wing deviationists and, of course, the Jews.

  8. I’ve come across plenty of people who insist the media doesn’t influence who they vote for.
    The same people insist the media do influence who other people (perhaps weaker minds?) vote for.

    And they cannot see any error in their idea. Must be Murdochs fault because we don’t read Murdoch and others do.

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