Ritchie\’s verdict on Chris Dillow (pbuh)

I have looked at the data

Just add a trend line I suggest

Do and it glaringly obvious the claim he is making is just wrong

1/10 for effort only

0/10 for evidence

How can anyone actually manage to get quite so far up his own large intestine?

13 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s verdict on Chris Dillow (pbuh)”

  1. Since profit share at the end of the chart was lower than at the beginning the trend line for profits would be downwards. [OK, I know that the regression line calculation is more complex than that, but it would be down]. Murphy is not merely arrogant, he is incompetent and resembles Dennis Stevenson.

  2. Surely it is at least a grey area as to whether you are allowed to be disrespectful towards Chris Dillow? On Ritchie logic (see below) he is acting illegally.

  3. Isn’t Chris Dillow a Marxist? He’s a damned good blogger, I know that much.. whereas Murphy mostly just tells lies for a living.. or have I got that wrong?

  4. Dammit Tim you made me look at Murph’s blog again which is always a horrible way to start the day.

  5. If I was Ritchie I would be more worried by Dillow than Tim. Tim can easily be dismissed as a right-wingnut – Ritchie’s clients would be only to willing to go with that one.

    But if his clients got wind that there were genuinely intelligent and numerate people on the left, that could seriously undermine Ritchie’s business model.

  6. I like the fact that such a comment towards him would not be permitted on his blog (whilst Tim allows the likes of Arnald free rein to spout whatever offensive comments they like) – I’m not a huge Dillow fan but have to agree with @10 Gary that from Murphy’s perspective, Tim is easily dismissed, whereas Dillow poses a different threat. Tim, that isn’t to say you aren’t hugely more coherent than Murphy, I hasten to add – only that your politics make it simple for him to just label you ‘Neoliberal’ and be down with it.

  7. I’m amused. PaulB put the link to his post on Ritchie’s blog with the line “I’ve drawn the trend line here”. Ritchie thanked him……presumably he didn’t bother to read the post or he might have responded differently.

    I suspect Ritchie’s rude dismissal of Chris Dillow is BECAUSE he knows Dillow is a formidable opponent. He is always rudest to those who represent a serious challenge to him.

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