Shock, Horror! Politician keeps power!

Big surprise this, isn\’t it?

Reflecting hardening attitudes in Europe, Mrs Reding, the centre-Right commissioner from Luxembourg, rejected any possibility of Britain “repatriating” powers from the EU.

Politician refuses to give up powers they already have.

\”What? Are you serious? The idea that a sovereign nation could determine its own destiny better than I, an individual foreigner, could do it for them? Don\’t be so fucking ridiculous!\”.

9 thoughts on “Shock, Horror! Politician keeps power!”

  1. “You have to make up your mind, either you belong to it or you don’t belong. There is no cherry picking,” she said. “That status quo cannot be undone. We will certainly advance to make it more coherent and stronger.”

    In a federal United States, or leave. There is no middle ground. This not from a eurosceptic, but from the EU Commissioner.

  2. I am beginning to think that they really want us to leave.

    Many Brits are very unhappy with the EU but might well blanch at the choice of leaving. By constantly saying its all or nothing, the Eurocrats are doing us Eurosceptics job for us.

  3. The UK should ask for what it roughly voted for – EFTA.

    If the EU refuses, then leave fully and let the bully display its wretchedness for all to see.

  4. Jacques (Up Yours) Delors has just given an internview to a German paper suggesting just that: leaving and cherry picking would be in the best interests of all concerned.

    I wonder if her cleared his remarks with the “colleaugues”?

  5. “internview ”

    Is that a typo? Or a new portmanteau referring to an interview done by an (unpaid) intern journalist, i.e. typically of poor quality, if so, it’s a good one an I encourage its continued usage.

  6. I’m rather with Mrs Reding on this one. There’s no system in the world which allows individuals or entities to cherry pick which laws they’ll observe and which ones they won’t. She’s just stating the obvious.

    If, on balance, we don’t want to submit to EU rulings then we should leave. But if we want to retain membership then we have to take the good with the bad.

    This is not an argument either way.

  7. So Delors has lost his pension then? I seem to remember something about EU pensions being dependent on the recipient never denigrating the EU. Which is why Cleggy never says anything bad about it.

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