So here\’s a damn good reason to leave the EU

David Cameron risks causing the EU to disintegrate if he presses ahead with a plan to claw back powers from Brussels, the president of the European council has warned.

So let\’s do it then, eh?

If we say \”Bugger off, do what you want\” then the whole edifice crashes to the ground? The problem with this is?


So, that\’s resolved then, we renegotiate, the monster collapses and we all live happy ever after. Action this day I think, no?

2 thoughts on “So here\’s a damn good reason to leave the EU”

  1. So we should be worried about the end of the whole sorry superstate.

    Lets be honest, for those that are worried about the effect of leaving yet don’t like what the EU has become, causing it to disintegrate massively improves the chances of something more to their liking taking its place.

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