Tax evasion is when you righteously owe money but do not pay it.

Tax avoidance is managing affairs so that the tax is not owed. Thus you have not cheated anyone out of tax that is owed. Because you don\’t owe it.

11 thoughts on “The Murph”

  1. Note how he starts with an economic argument, and ends with a moral one. Note how he also ignores the fact that you can’t make money out of tax collection, either.

  2. Murphy has redefined “tax avoidance” in his own mind – it now exclusively means “aggressive tax avoidance using measures in ways that were not intended by those who wrote them”

    Like adding the word “evil” in front of “capitalists” – once it’s been done long enough for people to hear the first word every time they hear the second, you can drop the first word.

  3. Tim

    As a matter of interest has the BBC Today programme approached you for interview in respect of tax avoidance in general or Starbucks in particular? Already this week the Murphmeister and Prem Sikka have been given more or less untrammelled access to the airwaves.

    Tim adds: Today? No. I was on Sky with Margaret Hodge on Monday. But not Today, no.

  4. Even if avoidance was cheating, which it isn’t, it would be cheating the rest of the country, not the Government. The Government is out agent and not the other way round.

  5. I wonder if Murphy realises whether the “success” he’s had is the biggest money spinner for the Big 4 tax practices in living memory. Off to order the new car this weekend.

  6. I don’t think any of you would believe what you have said if it were said by anyone else.

    It’s complete nonsense.

    Try harder. You sound like total wankers.


    yeah Worstall is one. He relies on old school ties. They know..

  7. wow…note the initial premise is that we owe money to the government.

    As usual, arse about face. Government asks us for money.

    Does the WGCE have any leetle grey cells?

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