The Worstall Family Musical Advent Calendar

Little Big Sis is running a musical calendar for Advent. Her tastes are somewhat classical.

I am perhaps more in touch with out mutual (slightly) Irish roots.

Not that the Pogues are actually Irish but……

5 thoughts on “The Worstall Family Musical Advent Calendar”

  1. Lovely. Always brings a tear to the eye, that one.
    Could we Mr Jona Lewie’s evergreen “Stop the Cavalry” tomorrow, please?

  2. “the beauty of John Rutter’s music”

    I thought your sis was musical? Or is her blog a spoof?

    There is good choral Christmas music, but if it’s a choice of the Pogues or Rutter I’ll have the fake leprechauns any day.

  3. I heard on Radio 3 the other day that Rutter and Taverner had been at school together, so I suppose the music master can console himself.

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