Time person of the year

Third generation of heritable communist dictatorship:

Kim Jong-un chosen as Time readers\’ Person of the Year with 5.6m votes

Who says the US press isn\’t packed with commie pinko liberal types?

The problem with that joke is that it wasn\’t actually the magazine, but the readers:

The magazine admitted that internet campaigns had influenced the vote, stating: \”Some of the highest vote tallies got a boost from members of Internet forums like 4Chan who launched a campaign to manipulate the results pushing North Korea\’s supreme leader to the top of the list.\”

9 thoughts on “Time person of the year”

  1. As a member of the rather loose grouping colloquially known as the “4Chan Collective”, I can confirm that some members of the collective have reworked the Time magazine exploit used to get our glorious 4Chan anti-pope “mootikins” to the top of the Time list last year to boast Kim Jung Un this year.

    As long as magazines like Time continue to operate manipulable polls, 4Chan and others will prank them.

    Rule 39: One cat leads to another.

  2. I appreciate that the purpose of this was to spoof the magazine, but given the ideology of many of this site’s bete noires, is he that bad a choice as the actual ‘Man of the Year’?

    And of course leading the way is one of the world’s most evil men, @RichardJMurphy, erstwhile ‘tax justice’ campaigner, and a believer that basically the only acceptable tax rate is whatever he and his followers think it is. Author of the ‘Courageous State’, which for anyone familiar with history (which isn’t him, at least relating to anything before 1979) will be recognisable as the Soviet Union, of which North Korea is perhaps the most obvious contemporary example. Therefore in effect Murphy is only one stage removed from Kim Jong- un.

    Following closely on his footsteps is George ‘The Great Moonbat’ Monbiot, erstwhile Green Campaigner and prominent advocate of Socialism. Monbiot has advocated policies in terms of transport which are very similar to those in North Korea. Permits to use certain roads -Travel restricted to ‘essential people’, no Private flights or other modes of transport.

    With these two playing prominent roles in advising the next government, the choice of Kim Jong un as ‘Man of the Year’ suddenly seemed, at least to me, less ludicrous and more a reflection of the prevailing zeitgeist on both sides of the Atlantic.

  3. There was a vote for places Justin Biber should visit on a tour and they got North Korea as number one. I can spend ours on 4Chan and ED just cracks me up!

  4. He’s got a hot wife, bears a passing resemblance to Michael McIntyre, and likes playing with rockets, what’s not to like.

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