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At the ASI.

We don\’t want to equalise capital gains tax and income tax until we abolish corporation tax.

Yes, I know, incidence of corporation tax. But all the lefties say that\’s on the shareholders, don\’t they?

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  1. Corporation tax falls on corporations (unsurprisingly), not on the shareholders. Shareholders pay income tax on their dividends (on which, incidently, National Insurance contributions are not paid)

    A corporation is separate from its owners and its managers. It has its own independent existence which survives the death of its owners and/or its managers. It is because of this separate legal existence that a corporation is a taxable unit.

    It is not mandatory for firms to trade through a corporation. Firms are free to adopt alternative trading vehicles. Many firms trade successfully as sole traders or partnerships. The existence of corporations indicates that advantages accrue to trading through such a vehicle.

    In economics, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The price of incorporation is corporation tax.

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