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On Eric Pickles\’ excellent list of how to save money: and why it\’s appalling that he had to issue it.

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  1. I hate to go on about expatriates, but I know that the socialist republic of islington lets out the town hall for weddings, and allows payments through numerous other outlets (the shop where I just bought a beer accepted an islington council housing card as I bought the said beer).

    If you deigned to live here, you might know that pickles is just pointing our what councils are already doing. (I don’t know about lunch and mineral water, but I doubt it’s a high expenditure.)

    Come home!!!

  2. @ Luke
    A few councils do actually follow some, or even most, of the recommendations made by Mr Pickles.
    Since he is making a list of the things that some of the better councils already do, in order to inform others, it would be obvious to anyone who paused to think before sneering at him because he’s a Tory, that it is possible to find examples of some of his recommendations already being practiced.
    The point is that a *lot* of, mainly socialist, councils waste money. This ha been the case for longer than I remember. For instance 50-odd years ago when the Labour-controlled LCC had advertising on its red buses “Why Hud?”, my local Labour party considered it a matter of principle not to allow advertising on its buses, so adding to the burden on the rates. That was one of the three most visible changes when the Conservatives eventually won control, along with selling council houses to siting tenants and the decision to send out salt lorries when snow started to fall instead of waiting until the roads were blocked by snowdrifts.

  3. Sharing best practice. Often shared, not necessarily followed.
    Amuses me that so many organisations fund union positions – not just councils, it happens in the private sector too.
    Perhaps if union subs were increased to cover the cost of a part time or full time rep (or team) then union membership would drop?

  4. Eric Pickles’ list is mendacious. As Luke says, many councils already implement the procedures he advocates. So he didn’t “have to” issue it at all.

    All he’s trying to do is to tar all local councils with the same brush, and imply that they could easily accommodate the cuts imposed on them by central government by means of better housekeeping. Which is clearly bullshit – although, Tim, you seem to have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    Let’s not forget that the UK’s national politicians have imposed far greater budget cuts on local councils than they’ve imposed on themselves. Which makes Pickle’s list hypocritical as well as mendacious.

  5. Now let me see: Churm Rincewind is saying that local councils have increased council tax faster than inflation. In which case advice on how to save money *ought* to be supplied. Except that we know that isn’t true.
    Maybe he doesn’t mean that; maybe he has forgotten what words mean; or maybe he doesn’t care about the truth of what he says in attempt to slag off the government.
    There *is* scope for better housekeeping – my local (Conservative) council has avoided closing any libraries through a modest reduction in hours at each, closing on local “early closing day” and having a couple of half-days. Other Labour councils have trumpeted their library closures.

  6. @ John77 – No, I didn’t say that, and on re-reading my post I can’t work why you might think that. And even if I had said what you suggest, I still don’t understand the point you’re trying to make – unless you’re just suggesting that local councils have scope for better housekeeping? That’s true of all organisations. Duh.

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