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So, I did the Adam Boulton show today with Margaret Hodge. Turned up in London to have lunch with Madsen Pirie and before we go off to do that he drags me round to go on TV.

Ho hum, interesting start to a Monday.

Apparently I\’ll also be on at 5 pm……

16 thoughts on “Timmy on TV”

  1. So.

    Did you ask her about the £8m inheritance tax dodge?

    aka £18.5m or so of shares that she has in a discretionary trust, I think.

  2. Saw you Timmy, you were sensational.
    I was glad you got in early with your point about the single European market. That message needs to be bashed into the public’s awareness, because people like Hodge are cynically trading on the ignorance of the general public.

  3. I see she’s going to sue anyone who says that Stemcor’s £27M in CT (0.4% of its sales) is not enough…

  4. Ooohh, just seen the clip!

    Interesting numbers. Starbucks, Amazon, Google.

    Combined sales approx £1 billion, pay CT of £8 million. (0.8%)

    Stemcor, sales of £6.3 billion pay CT of £27 million (0.4%)

    Hodge is on a moral crusade against the wicked foreigners who proportionately pay twice as much tax as her family company (based on her cretinous assumptions).

    But she will now sue me for using her arguments and her numbers….

    How very moral…

    BTW expect a bit of flak from Ritchie – they had you down as a tax expert!

  5. Philip Scott Thomas

    Anyone have a link to the watch-again thingy? My Google Fu is apparently not firing on all cylinders for some reason.

  6. Also Hodge can’t sue for stating facts. Stemcor has a marketing services company in Guernsey, an international trader in Switzerland, 100s of millions of debt in the UK the interest on which reduces the UK tax bill and minimal UK taxable profits compared to the Group’s profit. It’s all disclosed in the accounts. These are simply facts.

  7. She’s an MP who chairs the parliamentary committee looking into ‘immoral’ actions. She can pretty much do what she likes seeing as its not facts she is interested in.

    Whose morals shall be used? Hers? Osama bin Laden’s? Saudi moral police? New archbishop’s?
    Do have to wonder – if starbucks acts ‘morally’, how many staff will lose their jobs in order for that to happen? Shutting down a bunch of places, putting franchise owners out of business (one was on TV the other day), perhaps putting prices up 10%. Moral?

  8. @Kevin Monk:

    Not a Sky customer as I live in “Foreign”, so the Adam Boulton Sky link is inaccessible. Any other sources for Tim’s haranguing of Margaret Hodge MP, Honourable Member for Stemcor?

  9. It’s pretty obnoxious to hear any Labour MP pontificate on the subject of morality, but for the former leader of Islington council during a notorious period of institutionalised child abuse within the borough…!

  10. ISTM that Starbucks have been forced to pay tax voluntarily. Do we really want a tax system which operates by making threats to the viability of businesses?

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