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So I successfully got up at 4.45 am to catch hte 5.30 bus to Barcelona airport to catch the 7 am flighht to Lisbon to get to Oriente for the 10.20 train to Messines Alte arriving at 13.05 which is only a 10 minute walk from home.

Which is quite a long time for a trip that started out at 1.30 pm in Usti nad Labem yesterday.

Not really helped by the fact that the only road I know from Usti to Prague airport is the back way, possibly not the right route in the middle of winter in a tiny little rental car. Not up there, in the snow.

But hey ho, crossing Europe just before Christmas is never easy, all the major and direct routes get filled up early.

On the other hand, we do seem to now have our mini-mine and the money to exploit it so that\’s all to the good. Which, err, now means I get to make this rather complicated trip once a month for the forseeable. Hopefully not on the 7 am out of Barcelona each time though.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now, how and why did you end up in the Algarve? Were you attracted by the tax breaks for “high-value” expats with external income, or was it just the sunshine and golf?

    Tim adds: Not the golf: just the weather. We spent 7 years in Moscow and decided we’d earned some sunshine.

  2. “But hey ho, crossing Europe just before Christmas is never easy, all the major and direct routes get filled up early.”

    Vilnius to Paris via Warsaw was easy enough, although I did have to spend the night in an airport hotel. And I’ve just found I’ve been upgraded to business class for the Paris-Lagos leg, which I’d like to think is by way of apology for Air France keeping my bag at CDG for an extra day, thus leaving me with no coat in St. Petersburg in winter. But it’s more likely to be he facts that few business people are flying to Lagos now (just try getting a ticket in the other direction, mind); my ticket was premium economy anyway; and I’m a platinum member. Still, an upgrade is not to be sneezed at.

  3. Winter roads in Europe? Use winter tyres! I’ve argued this out with the wilfully ignorant (not calling you that, Tim) who believe they don’t work on ice. They do. The Torygraph motoring section had a report earlier this month quantifying a 50% improved braking performance with winter tyres on Porsche’s low-grip simulator.

    I use winter tyres here (in Japan). The 50% is correct. If you’re hiring in Europe in the winter, insist on winter tyres (tyres are the most important safety feature on any car), and if they can’t come up with the goods, go elsewhere.

  4. Tim>

    Is it a stupid question to wonder why you don’t use a sleeper train at some point in that journey?

    Tim adds: Err, yes. Trains are not good ways of travelling 1,000 miles and up.

    It’s planes I take, except for this last part Lisbon – Faro.

    Faro – Prague by train would take two entire days, 40-45 hours.

  5. Yes Tim & you forgot to mention the pleasures of being stuck in the arse end of nowhere* at a freezing station when whatever it is that goes wrong, goes wrong. Even airport terminals can have attractions, sometimes.

    *9 hours, Northern Germany during the blizzard to end all blizzards.

  6. “Trains are not good ways of travelling 1,000 miles and up.”

    Ah well, I’m slightly biased because I hate travelling by air, but I find sleeper trains to be a very useful component in a trip. Instead of spending a night in a hotel in Barcelona, you might instead have spent it on a sleeper train getting somewhere.

    It might not actually save any time or money overall, I grant you, but to me there’s something rather magical about going to sleep in one place and waking up hundreds of miles away in the same bed.

    I don’t have a proper timetable to hand to check, but I still think there’s something to be said for the train. Prague to Toulouse on the plane, then sleeper from somewhere near there to Coimbra? Save you getting up at 4.30 for the bus to the airport, at least.

  7. Why is Barcelona in the itinerary anyway? Can’t you just fly Prague-Lisbon directly?

    Tim adds: There is a Lisbon/ Prague flight (bounces through Budapest in the winter as well). But that was full: business class only at, gulp, €800 for just the one leg of the trip.

    Thus stitch something together from a couple of budget airlines.

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