True dat

I learn from The Sun that Daniels used to be \”plagued\” by groupies. Just when I think I\’m finally starting to understand women, I read something like that, and it\’s back to the drawing board.

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  1. Apparently when he found one was a schoolgirl he threw her out of the car. WTF? Not dropped her at her destination?

  2. Well, to be fair… and speaking as someone who never could stand Daniels, that’s not easy…

    Part of the reason for statutes of limitations is that people, and society change and we forget how much we’ve changed and try to think we used to be like we are now. One of the aspects of the whole Savilocalypse is that it features these old men who now seem sad and creepy and worst of all, naff. And we’ve forgotten that they were stars in their day, and even “cool”. There was a time when those silly Radio 1 DJs actually were considered with-it and groovy, for instance.

    Smashie and Nicey really represented a complete dismissal of that whole era. People who’d been young in the 70s, now grown up and taking the piss out of it. I really do think a major part of this whole farrago is a kind of dismissal of that previous generation of culture. They really were stars in their day. I can even dimly remember a time when, to a youngster, Freddie Starr seemed like dangerous and cutting edge, because we hadn’t had punk and Alternative Comedy yet. And, Paul Daniels seemed funny and, at least, infinitely preferable to Mrs Mills on the piano or another dreary song from Miss Barbara Dickson.

    “You’ll like this. Not a lot, but you’ll like it”
    That was his catchphrase

    -EJ Thribb

  3. Has EJ stopped wriiting pomes for Private Eye then?

    Maybe it was the mothering instinct then (he hadn’t made his millions) perhaps due to his being vertically challenged.

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