Well done that man

Sir Patrick:

Of course he did less seriously things as well but a life well lived.

5 thoughts on “Well done that man”

  1. The expected nature of death never seems to make it any less saddening. A great man.

    Atheist that I am, I like to believe that he is now reunited with Lorna at last.

  2. He signed my copy of ‘Bureaucrats and How To Annoy Them” after giving a talk that I attended back in the early ’80s. He didn’t admit that he wrote it, mind, just signed it because I asked nicely.

  3. He’d been looking more and more unwell over the last few years and was becoming more difficult to understand.

    Sad that he’s gone as he was a truly inspirational scientist and always stood up for and represented the views of the amateur.

    One thing that always annoyed me about the Royal Society was that they didn’t deem Sir Patrick ‘fit’ to be a full fellow and he was only made an ‘honorary’ after it became an embarrassment to them.

    Hope he finds a decent tailor before bumping into Lorna.

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