Where do these cretins come from?

Well, Compass, obviously. But still:

Britain is being held back by its ‘strikers’,
‘scroungers’, and ‘shirkers’.
The strikers are the big corporations sitting on
piles of cash which they refuse to invest in Britain.
They are the rich, powerful and well connected.
Many use their wealth and influence to ensure the
system works for them. Taken together, they are
depriving the country of at least £750 billion in
potential investment

You what? Sorry? Even \”Eh?\”

In what universe is not investing your money in a damp island \”striking\”? It is, after all, your money. To be spent as you wish not as some idiot writing for a pressure group thinks it should be invested.

11 thoughts on “Where do these cretins come from?”

  1. This whole I’m entitled to “it” attitude to benefits and everything else is permeating into groups whose while reason for existence is to clamour for their bit of “it”, where “it” is government money stolen from taxpayers.

  2. “But as 32% of housing benefit claimants rent in the private sector, this means the hard-working striving taxpayer is paying their tax directly into the pockets of private landlords enabling them to expand their property portfolios. Last year this cost the taxpayer nearly £10bn”

    Just cant win can you.

  3. About the author:

    “Shuvo Loha is the Managing Director of a recruitment firm focused on the banking, engineering and energy & climate change sectors. He has been an active campaigner on a number of issues for many years, including on curbing racism and fascism, trying to prevent the introduction and subsequent hikes in student tuition fees, building support for peaceful and just solutions in Israel and Palestine, and progressive economic reform in the UK. He graduated from University College London with a degree in Philosophy and Economics.”

    In other words, he runs a small, Trotters Independent Traders style, recruitment business via a website and hopes to make that sound more successful than it is. His other hobbies include undergraduate Trot bollocks and detecting racism among white men in general and the State of Israel in particular.

    He is also a victim of the UK higher education bubble, which has left him with a pointless degree and hilariously inflated sense of his own abilities.

    Shuvo is a fan of tendentious statements offered without evidence, such as:

    “We all know the government is cutting investment and spending on a massive scale.”

    In conclusion, give us all your money, you bunch of racist fascist Zionist hoarders.

  4. Steve
    Isn’t it amazing how every self important numpty in the west thinks they can help build peaceful and just solutions in the Middle East, they’d do it too if only those pesky Zionists would stop getting in the way.

  5. The SWP has a secret mind control programme where it takes perfectly normal intelligent pre-adults and turns them into Gramscian drones.

    Murph was the first attempt to trial the process on a (supposed) adult. It failed, with the obvious and hideous results, because they couldn’t find a mind to control.

  6. “In other words, he runs a small, Trotters Independent Traders style, recruitment business ”

    That’s a bit harsh, his outfit appears to have offices in The Hague and Calcutta as well as That London. Heavy focus on banking jobs. It has to be challenging and tiring working in that field while screening out all strikers,
    scroungers, and shirkers as both clients and candidates, so it’s perhaps understandable that his published polemic is incoherent word soup.

  7. “That’s a bit harsh, his outfit appears to have offices in The Hague and Calcutta as well as That London”

    So where does he pay tax then……

  8. RichardT –

    Yes, just as Trotters Independent Traders boasted of “New York – Paris – Peckham”, at first glance Mr Loha’s website suggests he’s running some big international operation, what with the almost comical profusion of world clocks and impressive list of international locations.

    Unfortunately a quick search on the jobs he has listed for India or the Hague reveals zero results. I wonder if those Indian and Dutch offices may in fact be little more than PO Boxes.

    Indeed nearly all of the international locations on his site come up with 0 jobs, and the most popular one – London – only has 10 vacancies listed.

    Maybe if he spent less time worrying about shirkers, fascism, racism, and Palestine, and more time building his business, he’d be successful.

    Thornavis –

    Yes, but what do people who actually live in Israel know about their own security and prosperity?

    Just as Mr. Loha knows what’s best to do with other people’s money, he and his fellow lefties know what’s best for the Middle East and the world in general. They are the elect.

  9. Steve @3

    Looking through the bio you applied so admirably reminds me of peering through the wreckage of the aftermath of the Blair/Brown government, now almost universally acknowledged as the worst government in UK recorded history, for some positive aspect.

    It occurred to me that the ‘windfall levy’ enacted on Privatized utilities and then applied to bankers bonuses could be adapted to a ‘Socialist levy’ ,forcing the likes of Toynbee, Milne, Murphy, Eoin Clarke and this imbecile to give up 80% of their earnings to fund the consequences of the policies they promote. I hav no doubt that might make these policies somewhat less attractive…

  10. Worth translating the bio of the author into proper English as well:

    ‘including a curbing on racism and fascism’ – Dislikes Whites, has a huge chip on his shoulder and perceives ‘racism’ in every gesture, word or action. Opposed to Free Speech except within narrow ‘acceptable’ parameters.

    ‘Tried to oppose the introduction and subsequent hikes in tuition fees’ – Graduated from University in some subject that has Zero relevance to the real world, with a career in the Public Sector that is only sustained by taxpayer money, doing a job for which there is Zero Private Sector demand

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