You can\’t have a sense of proportion as an activist

Gavin Grant signalled that the charity would be channelling efforts into an aggressive new push to prosecute those who flout the ban on hunting with dogs introduced by the last Labour Government.

He called for a dramatic toughening of sentences for huntsmen who allow hounds to kill foxes, which would put the offence on a par with killing a person by dangerous driving.

It just doesn\’t work, does it?

If you did have a sense of proportion then you would obviously not argue for something so stupid. It\’s legal to shoot foxes but as illegal to kill them with dogs as it is to kill a human being?

Carry on with that sort of absurdity and you end up in a world so crazed as to be unimaginable. Where, think about how stupid this would be, so entirely unbelievable, you had a Labour MP castigating companies as immoral for obeying the tax law of the country while she herself sheltered £18 million of assets, entirely legally, from the taxman. It\’s immoral if a company does it, moral if a Labour MP does it.

Clearly such a world is ridiculous and will never happen. But that\’s the sort of thing that would happen if everyone loses their sense of proportion.

8 thoughts on “You can\’t have a sense of proportion as an activist”

  1. Blimey, I’d better disarm that mousetrap!

    Ah, so “zero tolerance” has a different meaning on Mr Grant’s planet.

  2. This time with quotes:

    “We take a zero tolerance approach to animal cruelty — mice, hedgehogs, dogs, cats, badgers, cows, sheep, foxes, snakes — we are here to protect all animals,” said Mr Grant.

    Blimey, I’d better disarm that mousetrap!

    Mr Grant insisted that foxhunting could not be likened to fishing or pheasant shooting because foxes “know full well what’s happening” during their final moments.

    Ah, so “zero tolerance” has a different meaning on Mr Grant’s planet.

  3. I believe its legal to gas foxes as well. Gassing humans has been illegal for some time, even if it didn’t stop Soviet Russia in Afghanistan or Saddam against the marsh arabs – but then all is morally defensible if you’re a Lefty espousing a Noble Cause.

  4. >their sense of proportion.
    If only we could shove them all into the Total Perspective Vortex and have done with it.

  5. Grumpy Old Man, chemical warfare (gassing and such) has been illegal for over a hundred years. Didn’t stop us, didn’t stop the Germans, didn’t stop the Italians and so on.
    War crimes are illegal, doesn’t stop them.

  6. Mr Grant has been rather combative over badgers too – threatening to publish the details of any farmers involved. Ghastly thug.

    They banned cyanide gassing but you can still use aluminium phospide for moles and rabbits. You can’t legally gas foxes with it, afaik because of the welfare reason that it is hard to ensure they get an effective dose quickly.

    Badger control by gassing (as done when bTB was nearly eradicated in the 70s) would also eliminate the huge problem they’re having with infected badgers escaping culling to spread it.

  7. Gavin Grant is the arrogant toerag who got a mauling on the Today program for blowing £330 000 on a single prosecution against a hunt in Cameron’s constituency.
    Now they are back to begging us all for £3 a month, to help combat cruelty and neglect. Having had to lose about 10% of their actually useful staff in recent years due to declining revenue.
    I wonder how much salary, exes and pension this loudmouth is taking from the RSPCA.

  8. I lost all respect for the RSPCA when, because it was being carried out under the orders of a Labour government, they remained utterly silent when tens of thousands of cattle were unnecessarily slaughtered and burned during the foot and mouth crisis. What I have heard about them since makes me wish I’d woken up to them earlier.

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