2012 was the year in which Timmy achieved a life long ambition

For I actually managed to drink a pub dry of beer.

Last night in fact.

So well done Timmy! Another one cross off the bucket list.

Admittedly, it wasn\’t difficult. It was only \”my brand\” of beer that I managed to drink them dry of and they only had three pints when I walked in (difficulties with deliveries over the holidays) but still, a major achievement I think you\’ll all agree.

8 thoughts on “2012 was the year in which Timmy achieved a life long ambition”

  1. Beat you to it – did that the year before last (or is it the year before that?). I did have half a dozen other people to help me though.

    So yes, congratulations are in order.

  2. We’re in Singapore for New Year. We went to a restaurant today where they only serve Carlsberg. You have to fill out what you want on a sheet rather like a minibar list so we put down 4 next to the Carlsberg thinking we’d definitely want two each. The waitress came back to tell us she’d only got 2 Carlsbergs so joint duly drunk dry.

  3. We drunk the Vic Falls sundowner cruise dry in Xmas ’80.

    We being 20 or so squadies who were in Zim teaching in military acadamies and having to while away Xmas because the camps were closed.

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