A Guardian question we can answer

28 Jan 2013:

Jill Filipovic: What does it say about society that websites where angry men shame their ex-lovers are thriving?

That some men feel hard done by modern women?

6 thoughts on “A Guardian question we can answer”

  1. What does it say about angry Guardian femnists that they ignore the fact that websites where angry females shame their ex-lovers are also thriving?

  2. I remember the “What does it say about our society” CiF piece about the sale of a video game called “Rape”. The author(ess) found no space to mention that the game was Japanese and sold in the UK only briefly through an Amazon trader until Amazon found out and pulled it sharpish. Oh and not even a handful had been sold.
    So, what it said about “our” society was SFA, but hey it served its propaganda purpose.
    Hence, my scepticism about Guardian writers taking small to non-existent factoids and extrapolating them to damn society – or more usually damn 49% of society.

  3. Well given that the feminists have institutionalised the state – rape of men in divorce cases vis a vis no fault divorce, maintenance payments and visitation rights for kids, it shows that they’re a bunch of whiny arseholes….

  4. @ Johnnydub
    Don’t you mean “abolition of visiting rights for kids”?
    Most divorcees not only permit but welcome their exes to visit their kids

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