Absolutely Disgusting Censorship Of Twitter!

Don\’t these people know the meaning of free speech?

A Kuwaiti court sentenced a man to two years in prison on Monday for insulting the country\’s ruler on Twitter, his lawyer said, the second person to be jailed for the offence in as many days.

An outrage I say!

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Disgusting Censorship Of Twitter!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I don’t think Britain is in any position to throw stones I regret to say. Given we jail people for all sorts of Tweets these days.

    How the mighty have fallen given that what was once the norm only in tin pot little feudal backwaters is now mainstream in the West.

  2. Unfortunately in many places insulting important people is a crime.

    They can tax us, control us, stop us living our lives they way we want, and yet when we call them the bastards that they are, it is us who get punished.

    As So Much For Subtlety points out, rather than acting a an example of what free speech means, in the west we have gone a very long way down the path of allowing politicians to decide what is and is not acceptable to say.

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