Adventures in eating in foreign

SDo I was in Germany this afternoon. And popped into a supermarket. And they had \”Wurstellkraut\”.

Which isn\’t quite the right spelling but it\’s close enough to people in foreign.

And I\’m not wholly sure what it is: but with a name like that I\’ve got to try it, eh? I think it\’s saurkraut with sausagey bits in it. It might be that it\’s saurkraut to go with sausagey bits.

I shall find out later.

But, should I now change my name? How does Tim Sausagey sound? Or even Tim Sausageybits? (or, of course, Tim Sausageybitsfortheuseof).

9 thoughts on “Adventures in eating in foreign”

  1. Come on Timmy, I’m salivating here. Let’s have it.

    Tim adds: Sorry, used the chili pickled garlic to make an interesting little napolitana sauce for my spaghetti last night. Maybe today.

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