And on to today\’s lovely business story

So, the adventure of \’untin\’ slags in the \’ore mountains is on again.

2012 was spent surveying, organising, finding.

2013 is to be spent, as of Monday, actually processing one specific pile that was found. Money has been raised, a lease is being written, companies will be founded, workers employed etc.

And the first stage was to have two meetings next week. One with the old GDR state monopoly, now privatised, on mineral processing. The idea being that, instead of hiring people ourselves, directly, maybe these guys would be able to do the job better? After all, as history has shown you can force Germans into being communists but you can\’t force them to be bad engineers.

The second was to meet up with our Czech mining engineers. We\’re applying for the license to an old mine and I need to run through the paperwork with them. Also to discuss whether a Czech mine dump, well, should we be looking for a partner who wants one of the by-products or should we just process it directly ourselves then look for said partner? Do the economics work without selling that by-product?

So, that\’s the tasks for week one. And I give them the opportunity to set when the meets should be. When and where in fact.

To which the response is, 10 am Friday in Prague and 11.30 am Friday in Freiberg. Either is entirely possible, being based in Usti nad Labem as I am (ie, 90 km and 60 km away respectively, and 15 – 40 km from the mines themselves). But both is a little tricky…..

Ho hum.

One other thing: do I have any readers in the Northern part of the Czech Republic?

5 thoughts on “And on to today\’s lovely business story”

  1. “10 am Friday in Prague and 11.30 am Friday in Freiberg”

    Video-conferencing? Works remarkably well over Skype these days.

  2. Is there any reason why you can’t say. “Sorry, I can’t make 11.30am Monday. How about 3pm, or any time Tuesday?” to the Germans? Or indeed to the Czechs?

    Tim adds: I am of course reorganising things. My point was just that with an entire week to choose from they both shoe the same (ish) time.

  3. Whilst we’re tapping Tim’s knowledge-base, does anyone here know anything about selling alcohol across borders within the EU?

    Tim adds: Yeah. Basically, if you drop ship or internet sell, then you’ve got to charge (and pay) the duty and VAT of the country of destination.

    So it’s not really worth it.

    There is a theoretical hole in the system if the sale is in one country, then the customer organises, as a separate transaction, with an independent company, the transport to another. But you’d spend years in the court system proving that you met that standard.

  4. What happened to that bloke who set up an off-licence in a boat 12.1 miles off Newcastle?

    With that hole in the system, since one is in a customs union and there is basically no postal inspection (except for suspicion of drugs and such, which affects national as much as international mail), you could get away with it for a bloody long time. I used to buy my cigars mail-order from Germany when living in the UK. Never once got a bill from customs for the tobacco duty.

  5. My guess would be that if you say to someone: “We need to set up a meeting. Any time next week is good with me. When suits you?”, the answer of “Monday morning” will come up fairly often, as many people will start at the beginning of the week and look for an opening. So if there is going to be a clash, Monday morning is a likely time for it.

    (The trouble with importing alcoholic drinks from other parts of the EU is that they are heavy. Transport is going to cost, however you do it. For tobacco products, there is much to be said for simply flying to the country you want to buy them from, stocking up, and then flying back again. I am sure it’s possible to find a return fare to Berlin (say) for £60 including a checked bag in one direction. British tobacco duty is so horrendous that you don’t have to bring much back to pay for the fare.

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