Doesn\’t matter: had sex

Here\’s what the report says it\’s saying:

Men and women enjoy sex just as much with condoms as they do without, according to a study.

Here\’s what it\’s actually saying:

Researchers reviewing an online questionnaire of the sex habits of men and women from 18-59, found participants consistently rated safe sex as \’highly arousing and pleasurable\’ – the same score as unprotected sex.

They didn\’t actually even attempt to measure whether people thought that condomless sex was better, worse or the same as with.

What everyone said was, yes, sex is grrrrrreat!

Sexually transmitted infections are passed on during sex without a condom. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates there are 19 million new infections in the U.S every year.

What people actually do seems to invalidate the claim of the report really…..

7 thoughts on “Doesn\’t matter: had sex”

  1. Surely “more research (funding) is needed” for something everyone knows. To women it makes little difference, to men, better to have sex with condom than no sex. Even before you get to the whole babies and diseases thing.

  2. Answer: because when sex is good it’s very very good; when it’s bad it’s still pretty good.
    Or, of course, the area of skin involved in lovemaking is the whole body. So the little bit covered with latex doesn’t affect the complete experience very much.

  3. Seriously Tim, this is a brilliant statistical point. Right up there with Wald telling the RAF they need to put the armor where the bullet holes aren’t.

  4. What people remember most fondly is often not the same as what they most enjoy at the time. So it’s quite possible that many people honestly report that using a condom makes little difference in memory to how pleasurable sex has been, but still choose not to use one when the moment arrives.

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