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How to campaign for the euro elections: a striptease!

I think this works rather well actually.

An ad by a Flemish MEP for the euro elections. Predictably that federast Jon Worth is aghast. I think it\’s entirely appropriate myself, a reminder of what the EU and its politicians do to us.

After all, some bird prancing around getting her kit off is a prelude to getting right royally fucked, isn\’t it?

11 thoughts on “How to campaign for the euro elections: a striptease!”

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  2. Jon Worth

    Who gives a toss what you oppose on feminist grounds ? I like the idea that a man can pronounce with authority on that. There are plenty of feminists who would tell you that if a woman wants to get her kit off that’s entirely up to her and there are some who might describe your claim that it is unacceptable as slut shaming.

  3. “…Flemish women are so chaste that he had to hire a Latvian to take some of her clothes off…”
    From what one sees of les femmes flamandes at Ieper market, the adjective you’re looking for is large rather than chaste. What the Belgian farmer looks for in a spouse is a woman, if the horse gets ill, he can put in the traces & carry on ploughing. Some of the more outstanding ones could probably manage a double furrow whilst carrying the horse. Can’t imagine they’re reluctant to get their kit off but it’s not something you’d recommend anyone of a nervous disposition watching.

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