I can explain this #whydopeoplehateme

MP tries to find out why voters hate politicians

Because you\’re ignorant fuckwits who steal all our money.

Next question?

6 thoughts on “I can explain this #whydopeoplehateme”

  1. I see PMQ got a mention. I’ve often thought that more than anything else it shows just how much of gulf there is between your average parliamentarian and the public. I can’t think of anyone I know that’s got a good word to say for it, while politicians seem to be under the impression that it’s important for democracy.

    Hmmmm, perhaps that’s a clue. That and Mrs Hodge’s great big fucking (but utterly legal) trust fund…

  2. Political discourse in this country is on the level of a kindergarten playground and the people conducting the discourse are on the make. Why is it so hard to see why people dislike and distrust politicos?

  3. They are often branded ignorant. But they seem rather successful at their task [taking more loot and spending even more] don’t you think.

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