I wouldn\’t have thought so Ms. Odone

Viola Richter works in the Emmendinger Altenpflegeheim (care home) in southern Germany, near the country’s border with Poland.

Not really.

A map of Germany shows that the Polish border is in the NE. From, roughly, Dresden to Rostock. Which just ain\’t \”southern\”.

10 thoughts on “I wouldn\’t have thought so Ms. Odone”

  1. Y’know. This is one thing fascinates me about journalism. ‘Specially at this level. The bint’s half Italian FFS! If it wasn’t for a narrow strip of Austria, Italy would have a border with Krautland. Yet she’s unsure of the countries a short day’s drive from it. So what exactly are her credentials for having opinions on what she writes? Shopping expertise in New York? No. According to Wiki she did French literature & history at Oxford. Without absorbing the rudiments of European geography. Do they not mention the Holy Roman Empire? Didn’t hinder her working for the World Bank as an advisor to European countries, although perhaps her father was able to pop down the corridor & point out where they were.
    And she’s one of the opinion formers supposed to help us asses the world?
    Or does she do a mean blow job?

  2. Already qualified for the gig with the Observer, Dearieme. Surprised you doubted it.

    To add to the above. Could anyone explain to me exactly what Oxford U’s for?

  3. Oxford hasn’t yet caught up with the unification of Germany, so Bavaria is a separate country. That moves the southern end of Germany a lot further north.

  4. Odone lies like a cheap Persian rug. I really have no idea why the murderous lying bitch is allowed a platform in the Telegraph.

    You can bet that she knew exactly where the German border is, but lied about it for some reason or other.

  5. dearieme>

    Typo – I meant ‘murderously’. The lies she tells will kill if believed – she doesn’t kill people herself.

  6. Dave @7 “murderously”?

    In what way?

    Slightly surprised that post from a good catholic girl about the merits of light touch regulation and free market in care for the elderly should excite such vitriol. What am I missing?

  7. Luke>

    It wasn’t based on that particular article. She’s an evil anti-medicine bitch who makes money from selling her family’s snake-oil regardless of how many it kills. A thoroughly nasty piece of work in every way imaginable.

    If I thought she honestly held her ideas, I’d be less scathing, and merely call her a moron. As it is though, I’ve seen her accept major corrections in the comments as true, and then proceed to repeat the same lies in her next column. She is simply dishonest, and doesn’t care how many people her lies kill.

    On top of that, her lies about the MCP would, if believed, lead to many people dying in a great deal of unnecessary pain. All in the name of selling her snake-oil cure. Did I call her an evil bitch? That gives evil bitches a bad name.

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