Is there a punishment for being economical with the actualite in evidence to the House of Lords?

Richard Murphy is a UK chartered accountant. He was senior partner of a practicing firm and director of a number of entrepreneurial companies before becoming one of the founders of the Tax Justice Network in 2002.

That\’s odd. The TJN don\’t list him as a founder.

And we might want to replace \”entrepreneurial\” with \”tax dodging\” as in Trivial Pursuit and Ireland, eh?

Richard created the country-­?by-­?country reporting

Err, no. Extractive Industries stuff was created while he was still tax dodging as a senior partner, sorry.

And one of his suggestions:

7.2.3. Place the burden of proof on the taxpayer to show that this had happened

He\’s proposing to over turn the entire basic foundation of our legal system. That the bastards have to prove we\’ve done some named, specific, thing wrong, not us having to prove we ain\’t.

Does the Lords still have the power to hang people? Please?

6 thoughts on “Is there a punishment for being economical with the actualite in evidence to the House of Lords?”

  1. couldn’t we just tie him up at Execution Dock until 3 high tides had washed over him? A much better way of dealing with pirates.

  2. Quartering would be better. Where were the bits usually displayed? Traitors Gate, London Bridge and ?

    Could be wrong, but I understood the heads went on London Bridge, and the quarters were sent to the four quarters of the kingdom; commonly York, Hereford, Bristol and Northampton.

    Impractical now, mind, and the sight of Ritchie’s head would put one right off one’s food as you went to Borough Market.

  3. Contempt of Parliament is punishable: according to Wikipedia ” Actions that may constitute contempt of parliament include:

    deliberately misleading a house of the legislature, or a legislative committee;

    I suppose he might have a defence of ignorance due to utter incompetence.

  4. Next time one of you ex-pats is over here, how about just popping round to Ritchie Manor and giving him a good old biff on the schnozzer before you get on the plane home?

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