It\’s true that there\’s no accounting for taste

I really don’t like David Bowie. …(…)… He’s not a patch on Sparks, Roxette, Meat Loaf and Sir Cliff. Just my humble opinion!

But you should perhaps be held accountable if you have no taste at all.

16 thoughts on “It\’s true that there\’s no accounting for taste”

  1. I’ve never been a Bowie fan either, if I’m honest. But that alternative list (with the possible exception of Sparks) I mean ‘kin ‘ell, send the taste Police round and arrest that man IMMEDIATELY!!

  2. Judging by Dale’s alternatives he was born middle-aged.

    Sod what he thinks, I’ve got Hunky Dory on in the background and can think of no better soundtrack to a quiet afternoon save, perhaps, for a good old wallow in Dark Side of the Moon.

  3. I tend to veer more towards the wordsmiths rather than your actual bona fide musicians.. Leonard Cohen for me, the master lyricist.. never been better and there’ll never be another..

    I’m sure some of you snarks will say thank fuck for that now!

  4. Whenever I see Sparks mentioned I always think of Vic and Bob’s er… homage instead of the original This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us.

  5. Dennis The Peasant

    ‘Scary Monsters’ was the last genuinely interesting thing Bowie did.

    Time hasn’t been especially kind to even the best of what he did.

  6. Dennis The Peasant

    “I’ll just let you look like an idiot”

    Actually, your selection pretty much confirms my observation. “Low” was dull then, and time hasn’t changed that.

    Bowie was a number of things, but musical innovator was never one of them.

    I suppose that your encore will be telling us how important Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” was…

  7. Arnald! Nobody’s missed you. What, been double-shifting at Burger King over the holidays? Saving up for that Bay City Rollers box set you’ve always wanted?

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