Just a little point here

The March issue of Vanity Fair is on sale on Friday.


3 thoughts on “Just a little point here”

  1. People want to buy the latest issue, so it improves sales if you bring out the January edition in December. Then after a while they cotton on to what you’re doing, so you start bringing out the February edition in December. Then…

  2. The convention in magazine publishing is that the cover date on a magazine is the date by which the newsagent takes it OFF the shelves.

    So the February issue is sold through January and comes off the shelf by Feb 1.

    For the distribution chain and subscription copies to arrive before the 1st of the month ahead of the cover date, the printing etc must take place almost two months before the cover date. So subscribers receive their February issue sometime mid-December to avoid problems with Christmas mailings.

    Quite what this has to do with Vanity Fair, I have no idea.

    PS: In a former life I was a magazine editor.

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