Lenin\’s Tomb and the proof that capialism really is correct

The dodging and diving about sexual allegations in the Socialist Workers\’ Party.


It all makes much more sense if you understand that the SWP has substantial financial assets. And whoever gets to control the SWP gets to control them.

You know, capitalism really is the way things work?

2 thoughts on “Lenin\’s Tomb and the proof that capialism really is correct”

  1. “It is located in the sane members trying to fight this disgrace.”

    Are there really any sane members in the SWP? I’d have thought devoting time to a cause guaranteed to fail so abysmally hardly implies sanity, unless one is hoping to find out the combination of the safe.

  2. How much do they have? Is it documented anywhere?

    I read a couple of articles once about how when the Soviet Union fell, a few people in the British Communist Party just made off with the buildings (as it were) and nobody paid any notice.

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