My, this is impressive

An anti-corruption drive in China has netted suspects that include ….. a provincial official with 47 mistresses

Almost Biblical in it\’s excess in fact.

Although \”mistress\” as the name for someone who might get shagged once every two months doesn\’t sound quite right really.

Definitely conspicuous consumption there, Veblen Goods, not sex.

2 thoughts on “My, this is impressive”

  1. Definitely trying to prove something. I am reminded of a scene in some kung-fu film where a (historical) corrupt Chinese bureaucrat complains about what rotten luck he has, as his wife and all of his five mistresses are infertile.

  2. I think the ability to ‘attract’ 47 mistresses is not unconnected with the $2.8bn in alleged bribes received. Could be wrong mind.

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