Ritchie on the EU

I believe we’re better off on things like tax with the EU because it has lead some of the most successful challenges on tax abuse internationally.

The lack of self-knowledge is just stunning, isn\’t it?

Just about every piece of international corporate tax dodging that he whines about comes from the EU telling us that it would be illegal for us to stop it.

Starbuycks and royalties, Bots and interest payments, Amazon and Luxembourg VAT, Facebook and Google in Ireland, the right of any company to switch domicile, heck, Vodafone, they\’re all baked into the EU laws on international taxation.

He spends his entire life whining about the EU and tax then praises the EU on tax?

8 thoughts on “Ritchie on the EU”

  1. He spends his entire life whining about the EU and tax then praises the EU on tax?

    He’s operating on the rhetoric rather than the reality. Showing his ignorance both of revealed preferences and of the various power struggles within the bunch of fighting weasels that we lump together as ‘the EU’.

  2. Christ, if he gets any dumber he’s going to end up with a cabinet position in the Obama Administration.

    And it’d serve him right if it did happen…

  3. Why is he a “fucker” that needs “pasting”?

    Worstall has misconstrued the comment yet again. And that’s the best you can do?

  4. Arnald, Richard Murphy is still a stupid accountant who can’t add up 2 and 2. If you are so intelligent to really understand Murphy’s ramblings then please enlighten us rather than just spouting rubbish like what we do. Show that you are better than us and tell us why Murphy is right.

    I suppose you say that Murphy likes the EU because its for things like the FTT and Tobin etc.

  5. Having been consigned to the outer darkness as ‘A troll’ by the man, this was one of his worst for some time, and that is saying something.

    All the usual fallacies trotted out. (I’m sure the relatives of those killed in Srebrenica must have no more tears left after being told the EU has led ‘to peace in Europe’) Chris Booker and Richard North already exploding the myth of Norway (one of Murphy’s ‘tax havens’) being a fax democracy – as he once said to you, Time:

    ‘He really does have a knack of backing the wrong horse’

    The man is a fool, and as for his lapdog on these comment pages, well, what can you say that hasn’t been said many times before?

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