Shock Horror! Parents want children to be professionals!

Ethnic minority students \’forced into medicine and law\’
Teenagers from ethnic minority families are coming under excessive pressure from parents to push for medicine and law degrees at top universities, the Government’s higher education access tsar has warned.

Blimey. That certain minorities push children into the professions. Such a shocker isn\’t it?

Never mind that it\’s been the mainstay of Jewish jokes (ie, jokes told by Jews, not necessarily about them) for well over a century. That more recent immigrant groups, Hindu and Chinese for example, follow suit just isn\’t all that much of a surprise. You manage to make landfall in a new society, work your fingers to the bone doing the scut work as that recent immigrant. You look around and try to identify the cushy spots and encourage your children to go for them.

Christ, it\’s such a fucking cliche that Tom Clancy uses it as a plot device. The Vietnamese widow running a 7-11, all of whose children are in pre-med or law school.

11 thoughts on “Shock Horror! Parents want children to be professionals!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Yeah. Bastards those parents. They should be fine if their children want to drop out and become drug dealers. Obviously.

  2. Well it makes a change from leftish complaints that the education system discriminates against ethnic minorities.

  3. So why aren’t the native parents identifying the cushy spots and encouraging their own children to go for them?

  4. From reading the article, the argument seems to be that some children are being pressured into applying for medicine and/or law courses (the two most competitive degree courses) which they don’t get onto and then miss out on university altogether, when they could have got onto a course in biology or biochemistry (medics) or English or PPE or philosophy or politics (lawyers) and still end up well-qualified.

  5. Richard,

    1. Clearing?

    2. Take a year out (working the cliche parental shop, if you must.) Apply more realistically next year.

    3. A year at college. Get better results.

    Same, regardless of ethic minority group, sex, sexual preference, religion, political leaning etc for everybody who didn’t get the grades to do the course(s) they applied for. Whether these were their own free choice, parentally advised, or parentally enforced.

  6. Why have we got a “higher education access tsar” at all?

    From reluctantly dredged up memory, it is because the previous 2 administrations chopped responsibilities between HMG departments (except HM Treasury, which merely accumulated) on a continual and random basis, in addition to the Blairite/Brownite/in/out/shake-it-all-about dancing the actual ministers did.

    Therefore policy ideas they thought important, like – let’s make sure that 50% of school leavers go to university and that everybody who benefits from this policy will be the bright if educationally underachieving (although that clearly isn’t the fault of our outstanding state educational system) scion of a deserving (i.e Labour voting) family rather than the slight dim off-spring of some hideous Tory-voting ex-yuppies – had to be given its own SPAd to keep it under control.

    Rather than the traditional use of SPAds being for keeping slightly dim ministers under control.

  7. “…they could have got onto a course in…. English or PPE or philosophy or politics (lawyers) and still end up well-qualified.”
    Jeezus! The horror!
    For what FFS?

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