The incredible success of the Green Deal

The Coalition hope to update 14 million homes under the Green Deal as part of plans to reduce carbon emissions.

Impressive ambition.

Despite months to prepare, 600 trained builders on standby and the involvement of 40 organisations, including household names like B&Q and British Gas, it looks like few people are interested – nevermind queuing up to be the first in line for a loan.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) admitted that so far only five people have registered on a central log to show they have been assessed and are ready to take out a loan.


And this is just an obvious effect of government involvement:

There is also concern that smaller builders, that many people rely on, are not accredited to carry out the assessments.

The Federation of Master Builders, the UK’s biggest building trade body, said only one firm from its 10,000-strong membership has signed up to become an accredited Green Deal installer.

Brian Barry, Chief Executive of the federation, said local firms do not have the time or money to spend on training.

Yes, we can all imagine how the bureaucracy would make it expensive to be accredited to install loft insulation, can\’t we?

It might be rather fun to try and see just how much it does cost to become accredited. What the training requirements are. Anyone willing to place a bet on there being diversity requirements?

6 thoughts on “The incredible success of the Green Deal”

  1. When I heard last year that they hadn’t got anyone applying, I looked into it, and I think I can see why. Quite apart from having a limited set of approved suppliers, which limits price competition, the assessment can find many other things you should do as well to qualify, and it seemed too open-ended.

    “Loft insulation (including top up) and insulating cavity walls (where appropriate) are important, basic energy saving measures. So where a Green Deal assessment recommends these alongside other improvements, householders will only be able to get the Cashback if they do those too.”

    The table of cash-back levels suggested that I’d probably save at least the 10% (it looked like) if I simply went out and bought the services from … the market.

  2. Who would have thought it eh? All these megabrains planning this central policy, you would have expected it to be a triumph.

  3. I had a chappie phone me about this yesterday.

    Cavity walls?
    Loft insulation?
    Dbl glazing?

    Tiz a 17C listed building, with 2ft solid walls and attics.

    On the public listed building register.


  4. Does it occur to anyone to wonder whether those people who want loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, double glazing etc. have already done something about it. And whether those who don’t want it don’t want it. I’ve had mine, near enough to current standards, for 25 years- not to save the planet, just to save on bills.
    I wonder if retrospective grants are available?

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