Timmy in Czech

Found the Marmite!

Tiny, tiny, just one jar wide of shelf space, bit of Tesco\’s.

And not quite HP but Tesco\’s own brand \”brown sauce\” which appears similar.

And the one that\’s driving me up the wall. Salad Cream. Yeah, I know, chemical muck but I like it. And I know that damn Tesco\’s sells it because I\’ve bought a bottle from them. Someone had stuck it back into the mayonnaise shelf, at which point I snatched it up.

But can I find the real shelf of it? Can I buggery.

Dinner tonight is almost healthy. Passata, onion, chili pickled garlic, add some tuna and serve over pasta.

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  1. This truly fascinates, Tim.
    After reading your post, went & checked the kitchen cupboards & fridge. There’s only one item I could loosely describe as Brit. Typhoo tea. It’s what the little shop along the road sells as teabags, not saying I drink tea very often We do have a branch of Iceland not so far & there’s reputed to be a Marks’n Sparks at La Canada but visited the former about a year ago & not the slightest interest in confirming the latter.
    Which, taken with other posts you’ve done on food, begs a question. Excluding the climate, why do you live abroad? Or am I exceptional in never getting the slightest urge to replicate anything to do with the UK. I’m in Spain so the diet’s mostly Spanish or Latin American with some E. European & Russian I cook for variety, with local products. In France I cook & eat French. As far as I’m concerned, I keep stuff Brit for the irregular intervals I haul arse up to that chilly island off the coast of Calais & its rather dubious novelty value.

    Tim adds: It should be said that ever such a little bit of this is for effect. I’m actually eating various combinations of grains and tubers and meats from the local shops. As I do in Portugal. The Englishisms are a rarity. We do, for example, hit the Algarve Iceland occassionally so we’ve bacon and sausages around for a fry up once a week or so. But 95% is local stuff cooked as the locals do.

    Here in Czech a little less local though. I’m simply not going to start having meat and dumplings twice a day. Which, despite this being a caricature of Czech food, isn’t actually all that far from the mark.

  2. “Dinner tonight is almost healthy. Passata, onion, chili pickled garlic, add some tuna and serve over pasta.”

    What do you mean “almost healthy” that is “almost vegan!

  3. “Tim … you do know how the thought of Marmite turns the stomach of some of your readers, don’t you? ;)”
    Just thank God he’s not Aussie.

  4. BIS…I have to agree. I am not sure how Tim W replicates his crap diet in Portugal, nor why he should even bother!

  5. Globus stocks Heinz farters. Lidl sometimes have a British week where you can get chedder cheese and a few other things.
    http://www.robertson.cz is worth looking at. They have a shop at Jugoslavskych partyzanu 38 where they have good bacon, old speckled hen, english mustard and other essentials.

  6. You’ve got me wrong, Mr Diogenes. I’d be the last person to advocate healthy eating. But most civilised places have solutions to the ‘sling some crap together with minimum effort’ need. It’s generally pretty obvious what they are. Where they don’t, it’s usually so cheap & easy to eat out it’s not worth bothering. Which is why, maybe, they don’t have them.

  7. Speaking in my capacity as an Australian, after about six years of Vegemite sandwich school lunches, I can’t stand it any more. Marmite is another level of unspeakability entirely though.

  8. if Tim newman arrives…does your other half eat those gigantic pickled garlic bulbs?

    No, thankfully she doesn’t. She will happily eat a hunk of cheese in the manner of eating an apple though.

    Having a quick peak through my cupboard, I’ve got Marmite, HP sauce, and – which is impossible to get in Nigeria – Branston Pickle. Down to the bottom of my last jar.

  9. Branston pickle is our only must-have Brit ingredient. Maybe maldon sea salt. East of suez, not only are the Brit brands pretty much readily available, some seem to have survived even after dying at home. vimto, anyone?

  10. My local Carrefour has started stocking Cheddar at low prices. I eat all types of cheese but once in a while a nice cheddar…

    Branston pickle and spices and herbs tend to be better from the UK. I often bring back gourmet sausages for a change, but I can say with no uncertainty that I am a superior (and I suspect more varied) cook to our Tim (although I suspect that I am not saying much)

    Truth is, the Uk is superior in milk products, prepared foods which I really don’t use and presentation of food in supermarkets. Otherwise, give me Spain everytime.

    Anyway, finally found something where I can outdo him 10 times out of ten. Am working on the economics too, but …

  11. @ BIS. Tim lives in the Algarve, this is almost Essex, not Portugal.

    Tim adds: Ever so slightly unfair. The coast itself, true enough. Rather more Dutch and Germans than in Essex, but they’ve brought their own little subculture with them too. But that is really true only of the coast. 10 km inland and you’re back in Portugal. We’re 15 km inland. We’re the only people in out village who even speak English for example, let alone are.

  12. Vimto? Ah, the joys of childhood. Mind you, I’ve boycotted HP sauce ever since they removed the French tutorial from the label. Philistines!

  13. Tim, if you end up passing through Frankfurt, changing planes or trains or whatever, come and get fed chez JamesV. It’ll make up for the “pasta allo studento”.

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