Timmy in Czech: Food Edition

To follow all this stuff about how appalling a cook I am (which I know, 20 years with a woman who is a good cook and who refuses to eat anything at all that I prepare beyond a cup of tea, will do that to a bloke) I am in Czech and my dinner, self cooked of course, is a Portuguese dish.


So Yah Boo Sucks!




True, this only works for those who don\’t know what bitoque is but go look it up.

7 thoughts on “Timmy in Czech: Food Edition”

  1. So you managed to cook chips without setting fire to the kitchen? Well done! Are you sure that the steak was beef and not horse?

  2. Well done!
    Perhaps you’d like to attempt an Alpujarra local speciality next. Jamón ibérico con huevos.
    But I can see the problem, matrimonially. Not one I suffered, having married the only French woman in the entire history of the species who couldn’t cook.

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