Timmy in Czech, weather edition

So, I\’ve hired the production engineers. We\’ve a neat and simple plan from here to production then.

Part of which is that we need a few hundred kg of rock to test the precise tolerances of that production (for those with a technical bent, we want to test the liberation point). Excellent, off you go geologists, go get a few hundred kg. Should take an afternoon, it\’s only 10 km from your house anyway.

Err, yes Tim. We\’ll get to it in about 10 days time.

Err, why not now?

Temperatures have not risen above -5 oC at noon for a week now. We\’d need blasting powder, thus licences, to collect samples. Better to wait a week until it warms up a bit.

Oh. Fair enough. Thought it had been a bit chilly.

Fun technical note. The geologists are on a short project in Kosovo anyway. Where their email access is better than it is at the bottom of the little valley they occupy in Saxony.

3 thoughts on “Timmy in Czech, weather edition”

  1. My dear Tim, I am sure that you knew perfectly well that if you swung a pick at the ground, you would have had jump right smart to avoid being brained by the rebound.

  2. Speaking of valleys in Saxony, the city of Dresden is in the valley of the Elbe and, in DDR times, there was almost no ability to receive West German television.

    Dresden (and any place with similar reception conditions) was referred to as “tal der ahnungslosen” – “valley of the clueless”.

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